West Blount Park is here to provide a safe place for the children in the Hayden community to come to play, laugh, learn, and make friends. We recognize the benefits of children who are involved in their community, not just for now, but for their future. At West Blount Park, your children will learn teamwork, what it takes to win, and also what to do when they lose. Our coaches, park board members, and umpires work hard to provide your child with the tools they need not only to succeed in their sport, but also in life. West Blount Park is located approximately 4 1/2 miles down Alabama Highway 160 off I-65 exit 284.

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  1. Yes I have 4 kids n on a very low income and was just wondering if y’all had anybody or certain programs that could help with that??? My oldest daughter loves any and every kind of sports she just turned 10 August 3rd. And my dad said he would try to sign her up for fall ball but couldn’t afford to sign my 8 yr. Old daughter up too. She wants to play softball but her real passion is dancing, singing, cheerleading stuff like that. She’s NEVER done it but once on a free day at xcel but fell in LOVE n been talking about it ever since. My boys r ONLY 1 n 2 so we have a while before they get into stuff like this but I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Please feel free to email, call or text me ANYTIME!!! Thank u so MUCH n hope u have a Great Day!!! 😄Michelle Logan😉

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