Help keep our gyms clean!

Both Hayden Middle School and Hayden Elementary School have been extremely good to our park basketball program by allowing us full access to their gyms during the season. Without them, we would not be able to provide a basketball program for your kids. 
With that in mind, please clean up any trash around you when using the gym for practice and/or games. Also, during practice at either gym, please do not allow your children to play with the schools equipment or go on the stage. These gyms are used as classrooms on a daily basis and they should not have to come in each morning and clean up after us. 
If we don’t keep the gyms clean, we will lose access to them and won’t be able to provide a basketball program for your kids any longer so please help by doing your part. 

Shea Layton

One thought on “Help keep our gyms clean!”

  1. Shea – I’m thinking that if I find one of my players leaving trash in the gym, he will be running suicides for the entire practice. I bet it would only happen once. 🙂

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