FAQ about our new park


Q:  Why is this park being built?

A:  Our current facility located at 340 Bent Tree Drive contains three baseball/softball fields.  Only one of these fields is large enough to host a tournament with any of the local leagues.  These fields have been used since the 1970s and have served the community well.  However, with 800 registrations per year across all of the sports we offer (baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, basketball) for ages 3-15, we have simply outgrown our park.  In recent years, we have had to cut out our soccer and flag football programs simply because we do not have enough room.  Building this new park will allow us to continuing providing the kids of this community with the best programs possible as well as providing a positive economic impact on our community.


Q: Will the current park be used any longer once the new park is operational?

A:  Both parks will continue to be maintained and used for practices and games.  There are no plans to do away with the existing park.


Q: Was the land donated or did you purchase the land?

A: The land was purchased in May 2012 for $330,000 through a loan from Traditions Bank.  We are currently making monthly payments of approximately $1500/month.


Q: What is the current status of the Stella Jones property (creosote plant)?

A: The Stella Jones company recently purchased Boatright Railroad Products (here and here) which has plants in Montevallo and Clanton.  We have been told that the Hayden plant is closing and will be completely closed by December 31, 2014.


Q: Will the new park be softball and baseball or strictly baseball?

A: The current plan is to build four multipurpose fields (two 250′ fields and two 300′ fields) that will be used for baseball and softball.  There will also be a grass field on the property large enough to use for football, flag football, and/or soccer.This will not be strictly a baseball park.


Q: Are there plans to add a basketball gym / football field / soccer fields / smaller baseball fields / etc.?

A: The initial plan only included seven baseball / softball fields only to demonstrate what is possible.  The plan will continue to evolve based on what the needs of the community are.


Q: Will this park be strictly travel ball tournaments?

A: This park is being built to benefit the people, specifically the children,  in the Hayden community.  There will be tournaments held at the park but it will not strictly be travel tournaments.  Hosting tournaments will be required to satisfy the financial obligations of the park.


Q: Who all is currently involved in the project?

A:  This project absolutely would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Traditions Bank.  They have provided assistance, both financially and logistically, and the West Blount Park Board can not thank them enough for what they are doing for our community and for this park.  At the current time, the project is a joint venture between the park board and Traditions Bank, but we welcome any assistance we can get!


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