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Commissioner: Shea Layton (c: 543-0554)


Commissioner: Anthony Brown (c: 229-3186)


Commissioner: Jason Morris (c: 531-8933)


Commissioner: April Davis (c: 994-0808)


Commissioner: Shea Layton (c: 543-0554)

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  1. I have coached basketball for the last season at my kids other school. I am interested in coaching her grade again which the next basketball season will be while ahe is in the 4th grade. If your in need of a 4th grade girls basketball for te 2015-2016 baskerball season please keep me in mind contact info 256-640-9828 my daughter name is jazlyn thanks alot

    1. Our basketball program gets started around late October / early November each year. Please continue checking this website for more information about registration dates. We are always looking for quality coaches.

    1. We have in the past but sometimes it causes confusion because the schedule changes due to rainouts and other changes that sometimes have to be made during the season. Your coach should always have an up to date copy of your teams schedule.

  2. Quick question- my son, Caden Perry, is signed up for fall ball. He will be 5 August 31st. We didn’t start him in kindegarten this year since he made the deadline by the last day. Do you put kids in the league based on grade or age? I was just trying to figure out if he will play ragball again or baseball. It signed him up for baseball, but since he isn’t in school yet I wasn’t sure where he would end up.

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